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Mc Kesson (france)


Mc Kesson Group ( ) is ranked 14th in the FORTUNE 500 with more than $108 billion in annual revenue. McKesson provides an unmatched breadth and depth of products and services: pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and information and automation technologies. Mc KessonTechnology Solutions includes 16,000 people specialized in the development, marketing and maintenance of health information systems. With sites in Bordeaux (the head office), Paris and Poitiers, McKesson France ( ) teams (300 people) are specialized in project management, design, development, support and maintenance solutions dedicated entirely to hospitals.


Vidal drug dictionnary

VIDAL ( ) is a subsidiary of UBM Medica, leader in the field of information on health products. Its activity is entirely devoted to information about health products and the security of the prescription. Nearly 140 employees in France (35 pharmacists, pharmacologists, physicians, researchers, architects databases, medical informatics specialists) develop and make available health professionals with information on products health-based standards validated and design tools for therapeutic decision.
VIDAL diffuse data on paper and web, mobile solutions and electronic tools. More than 200 publishers currently include VIDAL ® data in medical applications, in France and abroad (Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Brazil …).

Santeos (Atos Origin)

The Atos Worldline subsidiary, SANTEOS ( ), is a leader in the exchange and sharing of health data in France. The company was founded during the early days  of the Internet, and was based on the belief that the new Information Technologies would lead to major changes in the health system and in the organization of health care.
The group has continuously expanded its range of activities providing services to health (including business applications, tools for production facilities, dedicated hosting; see our offers). Backed by a large range of multi-channel applications (web, mobile, telephone) at Atos Worldline, SANTEOS occupies a leading position in France in the field of information systems dedicated to the organization of care and prevention. Our involvement in standardization, both in general and  in the health sector, and the dynamism of our professional organizations give us a recognized expertise in the implementation of interoperability programs and innovative projects.

Silk Informatique

Created in 1992, SILK ( ) has specialized in computer software development and publishing, and has developed a software environment for Windows and MacOS for the health sector used throughout France.
SILK offers a range of software for GPs and specialists (e0 Médecins), health centers and home health. This software can be interfaced with accounting programs, drug databases, and modules for remote transmission.



CISMeF ([French], the acronym for Catalog and Index of French Language Health Resources on the Internet) is a quality-controlled health gateway cataloging and indexing the most important and quality-controlled sources of institutional health information in French. The objective of CISMeF is to assist health professionals and consumers in their searches for electronic information available on the Internet.

CISMeF was  launched by the Rouen University Hospital (RUH) in February 1995. Its Universal Resource Locators (URL) are & The CISMeF project offers a valuable tool for the French-speaking health community: over different 30,000 computers visit this web site each working day.