An iconic language for the Visualization of Concepts in Medicine

Electronic patient records



Electronic medical records allow the physician to store patient data (personal and family histories, lab test results, past treatments, medical and surgical reports, etc.). The consultation of these data may be time consuming especially when patients have chronic diseases and have been followed for many years.

VCM icons and Mister VCM can facilitate the retrieval of patient data. They can be incorporated in your medical records in various ways.

For instance :

  • You can associate the icons representing health professionals to the medical and surgical reports of patients.
  • You can use the disease icons of to enrich the description of hospital stays and consultations
  • Mister VCM permits a graphical summary of the patient’s entire history, risks, and both past and current treatment. At a glance, the physician can identify the main health problems affecting the patient; he/she can also immediately see which anatomo-functional systems are not affected by pathological processes.

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