An iconic language for the Visualization of Concepts in Medicine

Drug information


Drug iatrogenic issues are important and could be decreased if contraindications, precautions for use, drug interactions and the adverse effects of drugs described in drug monographs were taken into account. However, the physician's time is limited during consultations, and this information is often not consulted.

Using Mister VCM, allows you to build interactive user interfaces showing, for instance, the disease contraindications or the serious side effects of a drug.

These interfaces make access to drug monograph content faster: they are not intended to eliminate monographs.

Such graphic representation displays the anatomo-functional systems for which there is no contraindication, such that they are immediately evident. This is particularly effective for renal or hepatic insufficiency, and pregnancy, which are frequent contraindications for many drugs.  

By clicking on icons showing contraindications or drug-drug interactions, you directly access to the text explaining the issue precisely.

It has been shown in controlled conditions that interfaces based on Mister VCM provides access to drug monograph information twice as quickly as solely reading the text. The number of errors associated with reading the information is also divided by two.