An iconic language for the Visualization of Concepts in Medicine

Mister VCM

A particular interface, "Mr. VCM" has been developed to display a set of VCM icons (e.g. the contraindications for a given drug). This interface is based on an anatomical diagram showing the main anatomical and functional locations using VCM icons, as well as an area containing several etiologies.

The icons are then placed at locations corresponding to the anatomical scheme; the scheme  lays down rules used to combine these icons when several of them occupy the same place.

"Mister VCM" can be interactive, using clickable icons. One of the strengths of this interface is that it explicitly represents the absence of a given anatomo-functional problem. For example, in case of a "Mr. VCM" representing the contra-indications for a drug, the absence of contra-indication to heart disease is explicitly visible, which is not the case with a text or a set of icons listing the contra-indications.

A sample of a Mr VCM configuration

Various uses can be made of Mister VCM, including graphic visualization of

  • Drug contraindications, and drug-drug interactions for each drug,
  • Antecedents and current diseases of a given patient
  • Physiological states (elderly, pregnancy for example), and diseases which may necessitate an individualized management of the patient. This visualization is aimed at making to easier to read clinical guidelines.