An iconic language for the Visualization of Concepts in Medicine

VCM language

Thousands of easily understandable icons, representing abstract concepts in medicine (signs, symptoms, current diseases, antecedents, physiological states, surgical procedures, drugs, lab tests, medical specialties, medical documents and more)

VCM is a compositionnal iconic language

Combining simple shapes, pictograms and colors allows numerous medical concepts to be modeled such that physicians can understand at a glance.

Mister VCM

A graphical and interactive interface to facilitate access to drug monographs, clinical guidelines, medical records and other information 

Save time and prevent medical error

Halve the time necessary to read and understand medical contents by incorporating VCM icons in your documents

Mr VCM sample
Discover how VCM icons are built for representing various types of concepts, such as diseases, symptoms, physiological states, drugs, lab tests, imaging, medical reports, medical specialties and specialists. Discover Mister VCM, an interactive interface that displays VCM icons organized around an anatomical diagram of the human body with additional mental, etiological and physiological areas
As a starting point, spend some time learning VCM with a training software. This will provide you with an overview of the language. You will discover how thousands of icons representing various medical concepts can be easily understood by a physician. If you want to become fluent in VCM, the training software will help you master the language quickly.

You will find here the main scientific publications relevant to the design of the VCM language and of “Mister VCM”. Evaluations have been conducted in controlled conditions. They give quantitative results for comparisons between the reading of documents with and without VCM icons. Most of these publications are in free access and can be consulted on-line.

It is easy to integrate VCM icons and Mister VCM in your software. An iconic server constituted of a set of Web services simplifies the process of icon integration. A link between VCM icons and main terminological systems allows the automatic transformation of your codes into icons. Mister VCM can be drawn by this server.